Take Action Global and Headstream Technologies announces digital badging partnership to expand opportunities in climate change education

Portable online credentials will highlight achievements in climate education and student action, uniting high tech innovation with social good curriculum

CLEARWATER, Florida and CHARLOTTE, Michigan — Take Action Global (TAG) and Headstream Technologies today announced a strategic partnership to create bold new opportunities for structured scholarship in climate studies by providing digital credentials to students that participate in environmental learning activities.

The announcement coincides with TAG’s Climate Action Day 2021, which recognizes educators, students and others working toward solutions to climate change.

“We know the answer to the challenges facing our environment will be found by future generations of students,” said Jennifer Williams, co-executive director of TAG. “By offering structured learning pathways and opportunities for credentialing, we can build a new framework that recognizes student achievement and encourages future innovation in climate research.”

The digital credentials are made possible through a partnership between TAG and Headstream Technologies, a U.S.-based company that provides people the ability to track and manage their credentials, badges, and certificates in a single, virtual learning wallet.

The Learner Wallet, developed by Headstream Technologies, allows learners from across the world to engage fully in their personal learning pathways. “Through effective professional development, teachers and learners from any background can fully engage in the climate action curriculum,” said Anthony Faulkner, CEO of Headstream Technologies.

“Climate action is most effective when our knowledge and efforts are disciplined, synergistic, and energetic,” said TAG co-executive director Koen Timmers. “To achieve the results our planet needs, we must construct a shared curriculum, and measure the academic and practical results it produces. Headstream’s digital badging tools offer us a strong path forward.”

TAG is a community of 2.5+ million students and teachers working together for climate solutions. TAG has worked with organizations like WWF, NASA, UN, and the Jane Goodall Institute to provide quality education experiences to people in some of the poorest places on earth.